Hello, my name is Simmi Patel - though the first name sounds Punjabi, the last lets you know I’m approximately 3000% Gujarati.

I was born in London, raised in America, and currently pay far too much living in San Francisco. I’m an advertising writer by trade, but overall a hopeless creative — endlessly playing with words and art to create whatever I can think up.

When I’m not writing or drawing, I enjoy surrounding myself with all sorts of people, getting lost in entertaining conversations, and taking walks whenever I can. This is a great way to stay inspired, keep growing, and feel less guilty about canceling my gym membership. And when I'm not doing any of the above, there's a very un-small chance I'm Netflix-and-nappin'.   

Other than that, I figure things out as I go, try not to take life too seriously, and strongly believe your best work is created when you’re having fun.

I’ve definitely had a lot of fun creating Paper Samosa and can not believe how many of you have joined along on the adventure. I'm thrilled! Your outpour of love and support has been unreal and such a blessing. It truly fuels me with the magic to continue creating, so thank you all from the very bottom of my heart.  

With love,

Simmi - Creator of Paper Samosa